Jewelry holds such significance to the wearer to the point it can be heartbreaking when your piece becomes damaged, dirty, or no longer fits. Thankfully, it can be made as good as new. This is your quick guide to jewelry repair in Plantation with four things you should know before you go!

1. Consider Who Is Repairing Your Jewelry

This is the biggest part of getting your jewelry cleaned or repaired. Don’t just trust anyone with your precious necklace or other piece. Look for master craftsmen and experienced professionals who use a variety of techniques to repair, resize, and clean your jewelry.

2. Don’t Give Up on a Piece Because It’s Damaged or Old

You may think it’s the end of your jewelry’s life if it’s damaged or old, or perhaps it doesn’t fit anymore, so you’ve given up on wearing it. Don’t! There’s still hope for your beautiful piece of jewelry. Jewelry can last decades if you allow it. So, before you shove that old or broken jewelry into a drawer, take it to a professional.

3. Know What Jewelers Can and Can’t Fix

Most jewelry can be repaired and made good as new. However, if you have a chipped or splintered diamond ring, it’s likely going to have to be replaced, not repaired. Fixing a diamond is incredibly difficult, despite its hardiness.

Talk to your repair specialist about your goals and expectations with a piece to see what they can (or can’t) do for you.

4. Look for the Signs of Good Repair Work

How do you actually know if your jeweler provides quality work? There are a few signs to help you determine their quality.

There should be no hammering or tool marks visible in the pieces they’ve repaired, so no dents or scratches. No seams should be visible either. Finally, stones should be fastened into their correct place securely, ensuring that they won’t fall out or become damaged.

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