About Matthew’s Jewelers

For over 52 years, Matthew’s Jewelers has been in the forefront of jewelry design…they were just a bit quiet about it. Matthew’s Jewelers actually started out as Design Gold Ltd. in 1965 and was established by Mark’s parents with a single pair of earrings. By 1994 they had won 8 De Beers Design Awards and Mark had won the prestigious DeBeers International Design Award. They designed and manufactured jewelry for stores across America. Mark spent these years in his Hollywood, Florida factory designing beautiful pieces of jewelry but never had the opportunity that retailers have when they see a client’s joy as they put on that new piece of jewelry for the first time. “Jewelry doesn’t come to life until someone puts it on and then it has a story…a life”, Mark would say. “I want to be a part of that story”.

Matthew’s Jewelers now sits in a beautiful 8,500 square foot building off of Nob Hill and Broward Boulevard. They moved the manufacturing plant with them from Hollywood. When you walk through the doors, you’ll be treated to a sensual delight. The unique designs of the jewelry sparkle, the aromas of fresh coffee and warm candlelight make you feel at home. The stores mascots, Taz and Fisbo greet you at the door with their waggling tails. Towards the back of the store is a large window with views into the factory. Just above the window are 5 television monitors to give you a bird’s eye view of how the jewelry is made. Then it hits you, it’s like walking into an open kitchen where you’re invited to see “what’s cooking.” Mark and Andrea are the perfect hosts as their Midwestern hospitality shines as they welcome you to a shopping experience unlike no other.

Matthew’s ever turning wheels of creativity are rooted in time-honored standards of excellence. Mark challenges himself daily to create exciting, new collections that address the evolving lifestyles of Matthew’s Jewelers’ loyal clientele.