Treasured pieces may need extra care to keep them looking their best. Matthew’s Jewelers is your trusted repair team for fine jewelry. Our experienced jewelers complete all repairs in-house, so your keepsake jewelry is never sent out. Here are five common jewelry repairs in Plantation that Matthew’s Jewelers makes to restore your treasured piece.

1. Clasp or Link Jewelry Repairs in Plantation

For bracelets and necklaces, common issues occur with breakage of clasps or links. If you notice an issue, bring it in for repair. Continuing to wear the jewelry means that it could break unexpectedly and be lost. At Matthew’s, we replace clasps and expertly secure them in place, so you can safely wear your jewelry again. Links within the chain may also be repaired if necessary, so you may enjoy your piece for years to come.

2. Prong Repairs

The precious gems on your rings are often held in place with prongs. Overtime, these can wear and the gem may fall out. Look at the prongs and notice if any are bent, thin or are no longer snug against the stone. Depending on the extent of the wear, repair may mean positioning the prong back into place, retipping the prong, or rebuilding the ring head to hold the gem securely. 

3. Chipped Gemstones

Protect your precious gems by taking care to remove your jewelry before engaging in activities that may chip your stone. If a stone is damaged, our team can recommend the best way to repair the jewelry. Some stones can be recut, or the stone may be reset so the chip doesn’t show.

4. Restranding

Overtime, the threads holding pearls may wear. Inspect your pearls for signs of wear like discoloration of the silk threads or knots that are no longer visible. If possible, have the strand restrung before it breaks. 

5. Cleaning and Inspections

The best plan is to bring your jewelry to Matthew’s Jewelers for regular cleaning and inspections. Cleaning keeps your jewelry looking sparkling and beautiful and gives us a chance to look for any signs of wear, so we can recommend repairs before anything breaks or worse, is lost.

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