Tips on keeping your jewelry clean and sparkling.

A customer walked into our store the other day and wanted to browse.  I immediately offered to clean her jewelry.  “I haven’t taken this ring off since the day I was married”, she said with glee.   I proceeded to ask her how many years she had been married.  “Seventeen years”, she replied.  While she was so proud of her many blissful years of marriage, I was cringing inside with the thought of cleaning a ring that hadn’t been cleaned for 17 years!

My dear friends, maybe you don’t realize that everything you do; apply moisturizer, make a meatloaf or help your kids with their Play Dough project, adds layers of dirt to your jewelry.  Think of the crevices between each link of a watch band or underneath your diamond in that engagement ring.  You just can’t imagine the “gunk” that comes out of your jewelry when it is cleaned in our ultrasonic machine and then steamed.  To save you the gory details, just know that IT IS NOT PLEASANT!

If you visit Matthew’s Jewelers in the Fort Lauderdale area, your jewelry cleaning is FREE.  Whether you purchased it from us or not.  We just think your jewelry should always look beautiful.  It takes just a few moments and the results are extraordinary.  It will feel as though you have just been proposed to.  Remember that day seventeen years ago when your ring was bright and sparkly?

Here are some tips on how to clean and maintain your jewelry. 

  • The first and most important tip is…Do not wear your jewelry in the shower, gardening, lifting weights, putting on make up, moisturizing or making a meatloaf. (Diamonds love greasy things and you can be sure to dull your diamonds while doing these tasks).  Find a spot to put your jewelry while you are doing these tasks.
  • Use an old soft toothbrush with just water to remove all the “gunk”. You can also use your toothbrush and clean those nooks and crannies using something that contains amonia, Windex works great.  Don’t just clean the top of your diamond, scrub it on all sides.
  • Put your rings on without putting a finger on the diamond. Fingerprints will immediately dull your diamond.
  • Visit Matthew’s Jewelers, 157 N Nob Hill Road, and get your jewelry cleaned right away. You can come once a week or as often as you wish.
  • We also sell a wonderful new jewelry cleaning product. It is a foam cleanser and comes with a toothbrush.  For those times when you aren’t home and need a touch up on the go, we have a purse sized “pen” that works like magic.  Stop by and we can demonstrate how wonderfully they work.