Trusting your jewelry to someone for repairs can be stressful. Many people choose to try to repair jewelry on their own to keep their most precious piece in their possession, so they aren’t at risk of losing it. However, you can find a trusted shop for custom jewelry repair near Fort Lauderdale. This ensures your earrings, rings, necklaces, or other prized jewels can be properly repaired and safely returned to you.

Benefits of Professional Jewelry Repair

There are probably videos on the internet to help you try to repair your own jewelry. However, that can lead to disappointment or even heartache if you end up causing more damage than the piece already had. Here are several reasons to choose a professional repair shop to fix your treasure.

  • No evidence left behind: Without using the proper tools, you can leave scratch marks or cause other flaws. A professional has the right tools for the job, so they can repair your jewelry without leaving a mark.
  • Quality repairs: You may be able to fix what was wrong, but can you guarantee that your repair won’t cause a different issue? With professional services, you can be sure that the restoration is completed without risk.
  • No over-repairs that weaken your jewelry and make it susceptible to damage down the road: A professional knows and understands the durability of each type of jewelry and won’t keep repairing an issue that weakens the integrity of your piece.

Where to Go for Your Custom Jewelry Repair Near Fort Lauderdale

Now that you know why you need a professional to repair your jewelry, it’s important to choose the best place for custom jewelry repair near Fort Lauderdale. Here’s what to look for in a repair shop.

  • Reputation: Check online reviews and ask friends and family for a referral. Be sure to select a place with a great reputation where customers have had positive experiences.
  • On-site repair: Some repair shops send out jewelry to a third party, putting it a risk of loss. You want to choose somewhere that will complete the fix on site.
  • Master craftsmanship: You want to look for experience, knowledge, and expertise. To help you find this in a shop, ask about the equipment they use and ask to see examples of restorations they have completed. Look for quality work.

For custom jewelry repair near Fort Lauderdale that meets and exceeds all those expectations, trust Matthew’s Jewelers.