Jewelry is a lasting and treasured possession. When your favorite, often worn piece or treasured heirloom is in need of repair, it’s time to take it in to a jeweler. But how do you choose a repair shop that you can trust? Here are three things to consider when getting custom jewelry repair in Plantation.

  • Is the custom jewelry repair in Plantation made by experienced professionals?

Determining the credentials of the repair professionals is an important part of selecting an experienced team for custom jewelry repair. Be sure to choose well-established jewelers to trust with the repair of your special piece. For unusual items, ask if they have repaired something similar in the past.

  • Will the repairs be done in-house or sent out?

Many jewelers do not make repairs on-site but instead send them to another location. Choosing a jeweler that handles repairs on-site gives you peace of mind, knowing that your treasured piece won’t be shipped out for repair. Shipping jewelry out for repair can also increase your cost, as well as the amount of repair time. This means it will take longer for your jewelry to be returned to you.

  • Is this a jeweler I can trust?

Before leaving your ring, necklace, or other item, be sure you choose a jeweler you trust. Find a well-established jeweler for custom jewelry repair in Plantation. How do you find one you trust? Check the jeweler’s credentials. Ask friends for referrals. Read online reviews from previous customers. And also be sure to trust your instincts, so you can feel confident that your jewelry will return to you in a better condition than you left it.

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