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  • 14kt white gold, diamond and freshwater pearl hoop earrings

  • POM-E-651

    Lika Behar’s “Pompei” cabochon lapis earrings

  • DV-E-312

    Lika Behar’s “Dive In” earrings with 24kt gold & sterling silver sky blue Topaz and mother of pearl doublet, blue sapphires.

  • DEC-E-209

    Lika Behar’s “Deck” 24kt gold fusion & oxidized silver diamond earrings

  • Lika Behar’s “Dima” 24kt pure gold earrings with diamonds.

  • Lika Behar’s “Pompei” turquoise earrings in 24kt gold

  • RFL-E-337

    Lika Behar’s “Reflections” earrings in 24kt pure gold

  • Lika Behar’s “Chill Link” 22kt & oxidized silver hammered earrings

  • Lika Behar’s “Roundabout” earrings in pure 24kt gold.

  • 7829GB

    Ti Sento 18kt rose gold plated translucent onyx earrings

  • 7832SY

    Ti Sento 18kt gold plate silver chain earrings

  • 7832SI

    Ti Sento sterling silver chain earrings

  • 7830TU

    Ti Sento 18kt gold plated tortoise print earrings

  • Ti Sento sterling silver link earrings

  • 7828GB

    Ti Sento translucent onyx earrings

  • 7827EM

    Ti Sento green malachite snake earrings