Caring for your precious rings, especially an engagement ring, protects your investment and keeps them looking their best. If you’ve recently gotten engaged or have other special rings, you probably have questions about how to care for them. Here’s how to properly care for your rings in Plantation for a lifetime of beauty.

Clean Rings in Plantation Properly

If you love the look of your sparkling diamond, chances are you’ll want to clean it at home. For home cleaning, be sure to use a mild cleaning solution. Purchase a specially formulated cleaning solution from your trusted jeweler, or prepare a mixture of warm water and liquid dish soap. Soak the ring for 30 minutes, and then use a soft bristled brush to clean away debris. Rinse the ring and admire the bling!

Consider Your Activities

Going to spend a day at the beach? Going boating or water skiing? Planning to work with your hands in the garden? All these put you at extra risk for losing your jewelry or even damage. Cold weather or cold water can shrink the hands and make it easy for a ring to slip off. Consider leaving your jewelry in a safe place during activity.

Watch Your Rings in Plantation For Loose Stones

Over time, prongs can become worn or can even become loose or out of place, especially if you use your hands a lot. Inspect your rings closely, or better yet, have them regularly inspected by a trusted jeweler. Noticing loose stones and taking steps to get the ring repaired means you’re less likely to lose the stone.

Take Your Rings in Plantation in For Regular Professional Cleanings and Inspections

Have a trusted jeweler regularly clean your ring to keep it looking amazing! Most jewelers offer this as a complimentary service and will inspect the ring for damage during the cleaning. This goes a long way to protect your investment.

Let Matthew’s Jewelers Be Your Jewelry Professional

At Matthew’s Jewelers, we have years of experience caring for rings in Plantation and keeping them sparkling like new. Visit us for complimentary cleanings and inspections. We also have a showroom full of gorgeous jewelry selections and offer custom design and jewelry repair on premises. For more information, visit or call us today at 954-424-2120.