Diamonds are known for their glittering beauty and their strength, but even diamonds can lose some of their shine over time. If you want to keep your diamond necklace (or any other piece) as beautiful as the day you got it, there are a few simple steps that you can follow. Here’s how to care for diamonds, so they always sparkle and shine!

To Properly Care for Diamonds, Clean Them Regularly

To clean your diamonds, soak them in a mixture of warm water and gentle soap, and then use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub. Make sure that you wipe the piece dry. The frequency at which you should clean your diamond jewelry depends on the specific piece. But in general, aim for every few weeks.

Be Aware of Oils

To care for diamonds properly, you must be aware of the impact that regular oils from the skin can have on diamonds. Oils from your skin can form a film on the diamonds and require removal. Beyond skin oils, other substances can impact the appearance of diamonds. Lotions, serums, hair products, and makeup can impact the lustre of a diamond.

Take Off Your Jewelry When Necessary

Diamonds are very tough and can be worn most of the time, but there are occasions where you may want to store your jewelry instead. Some pieces are more vulnerable than others depending on their materials and construction.

Generally, you should keep your diamond jewelry away from saltwater and cleaners. When getting ready for a night out, you should always make sure you put your diamond jewelry on after you apply your skincare products and makeup.

Take Your Diamonds in for Service

Bringing your diamond jewelry into a jeweller periodically can keep your diamonds looking their best. Jewellers know exactly how to care for diamonds. A jeweller can repair any issues with the metal, as well as shine the diamonds themselves with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Store Them Correctly

When storing your diamonds, keep each piece separate to ensure that diamonds do not damage any other pieces of jewelry. Diamonds can scratch each other, as well as other types of jewelry. Diamonds will not be the same again after being scratched.

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