Planning for your big day can be exciting yet stressful. So many decisions! If you’ve crossed “Choose bridesmaids” off your list, now you need to choose their accessories including hair decor, and jewelry such as earrings is an important element. Here’s all you should know about choosing bridesmaid jewelry.

Consider Your Color Scheme

You obviously want a cohesive look for your wedding. The colors match the invitations, the flowers work in the venue, the bridesmaids’ gowns go with the flowers, etc, so selecting jewelry should be no different. You want to select pieces that match the overall color scheme of your wedding. 

Use Your Bridal Jewelry as Inspiration

When in doubt, use the jewelry you’ve chosen for your wedding as a starting point. If you’ve decided to wear pearls, then choose pearls for your bridesmaids. If you’ve selected gemstones, choose the same gemstones or complementary shades for your bridal party. 

The jewelry doesn’t need to be the same style. Actually, it shouldn’t be. You’re the bride, so you want to shine! If you’ve chosen a pearl necklace then maybe select a pearl bracelet for your bridesmaids. Or, select a pendant and /or earrings that match your jewelry. Even a nice hair clip will work! 

The Jewelry You Choose Should Compliment Your Bridesmaids Style and Attire

Take into account hairstyles and clothing style for the big day. For example, an updo hairstyle works well with longer, dangle earrings, while studs work better for hair that is worn down. Have you chosen a dress with a sweetheart neckline? Then you’ve created a nice focal point for a necklace. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your choices! Take your colors and ideas with you when you visit your jewelers, too.

Need to Know Where to Go for the Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Selection in Plantation, Florida? 

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