If you’re shopping for new jewelry for yourself or as a gift, it’s important to take the time to find the right jeweler and the perfect piece to create the look you want. Welcome to jewelry shopping 101, with tips on where to shop and how to choose when buying jewelry in Plantation.

Where to Shop for Jewelry in Plantation

The key to finding quality jewelry is visiting a jeweler you can trust. Matthew’s Jewelers offers high-quality designer pieces in our showroom, or our design team creates the perfect unique piece just for you. At Matthew’s Jewelers, you have options! Our jewelry team offers the best in customer service, offering our expert advice as you enjoy your jewelry shopping or designing experience. 

Choosing Quality Jewelry

Timeless treasures that can be passed down are crafted out of the best metals and gemstones. They remain strong, and yet shine with elegance. Also, consider your lifestyle and the hardness of the metal and the stones. If you’re active, choose metals and stones that are highly durable when selecting pieces you’ll wear daily.

  • Metals: Sterling silver, gold, titanium, and platinum are quality metals that stand the test of time. 
  • Gems: Choose quality stones by asking questions and viewing the certificates of authenticity. 

Selecting The Right Piece of Jewelry

It’s so important to consider the style and unique tastes of the wearer. If it’s you, then it’s a bit easier. If you’re buying for someone else, take a look at the pieces they currently own as well as the clothing they wear. Do they wear bold jewelry? Or do they tend toward a more classic style? 

When shopping for jewelry, consider pieces that pair well with your wardrobe. For a truly unique look, consider custom designed jewelry. At Matthew’s Jewelers, our artists use on screen and 3-D printing technology to bring your piece to life before creating the real thing so you can really visualize the intended piece. 

Visit Matthew’s Jewelers and see what a difference a trusted and experienced jeweler can make. We’re here to help you select from our designer showroom pieces or craft a unique piece of jewelry. We also offer ongoing care for all your jewelry. Stop in today or call us at 954-424-2120, and let us help you find jewelry in Plantation.