Typically associated with royalty because of their brilliance and durability, sapphires were worn by Medieval kings and have been prized for thousands of years. Not only are they September’s birthstone, but they’re also the chosen gem for 5th and 45th anniversaries. Wondering how to care for your sapphire jewelry in Plantation? Follow these simple tips!

Here’s How to Care for Your Sapphire Jewelry in Plantation

Thankfully, sapphires are very hardy as they are second only to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale, coming in at a 9. That means your sapphire jewelry can be worn daily with proper care, since this lustrous gem is not likely to chip, crack, break, or be scratched.

This stone is very low maintenance, and care is simple. Follow these tips on how to care for your sapphire jewelry in Plantation:

  • Cleaning sapphire jewelry with no other stones can be done at home with warm water and a jewelry cleaning agent made for this stone. Use a soft brush to gently clean the stone(s). Don’t soak your sapphires. If your jewelry contains other gemstones, follow care instructions specific to those stones.
  • In addition to home cleaning, have it regularly cleaned and sized by a professional.
  • Order an appraisal, and insure your sapphires for the appropriate amount.
  • Regularly inspect your sapphire ring, earrings, and other pieces to ensure there are no loose stones or any other damage. Take it in for repair right away if you find anything unusual.
  • Store sapphire pieces individually in pouches or envelopes in a room without temperature changes.
  • When washing hands and / or bathing, remove your sapphire rings and other jewelry.

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