Jewelry repairs for necklaces, rings, and other fine pieces are best handled by a trusted and skilled jeweler. If you can, have your jewelry repaired as soon as you start to notice even the slightest issues, as broken jewelry is easily lost. If your precious piece is worn or broken, getting it repaired restores it to its original beauty and adds to its value. Because condition, materials, and sizes vary, so does the cost for jewelry repair in Plantation.

Here are common issues and what affects the cost of the repair. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer for how much jewelry will cost to repair, as each case is different and based on multiple factors.

Chain Repair

A worn or broken chain makes it easy to lose the jewelry, so getting it fixed quickly potentially saves you the cost of the loss. The cost to fix a worn or broken chain depends on the material of the chain, whether it’s gold, silver, or platinum. The location of the repair also affects the cost. Soldering a small link is the most affordable repair, but if the break is on a hinge or clasp, expect to spend a bit more on the fix.

Scratches and Other Blemishes

Having your jewelry regularly cleaned and checked helps identify any issues before a break. Cleaning is often free and gives your jewelry a new shine! For scratches and blemishes, consider paying a modest amount for a polish in addition to the cleaning.

Clasp Replacement or Repair

If the clasp on a bracelet or necklace needs to be replaced or repaired, one of the biggest factors of the cost is going to be the metal. Clasps containing more metal are going to cost more than a simple clasp. Platinum is going to be more expensive than gold or silver.

Re-setting or Replacing a Stone

If your jewelry has lost a stone, the cost for getting it reset or replaced depends on several things. If you have the original stone, the repair involves fixing the prongs and resetting the stone. For lost stones, the type, quality, and size of the stone you choose greatly affects the cost. 

Get Quality, Trusted Jewelry Repair in Plantation

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