Before having a prized piece of jewelry repaired, you may be wondering what you need to know about the cost. So, how much does jewelry repair in Plantation cost? Read on to learn how much you might expect to spend repairing your beloved pieces. 

Necklace Repair

Common necklace repairs include chain shortening, clasp repair, engraving, cleaning, stone tightening, and rhodium plating. These services usually cost around $20 to $40 each. If you need pearls restrung, that will likely be priced by the inch at around $4 to $5 per inch. 

Bracelet Repair

Repairing a broken lock or hinge on a bracelet costs about $40, while engraving, cleaning, enameling, and prong retipping costs about $30. 

Earring Repair

There are a few repairs that are commonly needed when it comes to earrings. Besides cleaning, polishing, enameling, and hinge replacement, which each cost around $30, there is also electroplating that costs around $60. 

Ring Repair

Common ring repairs include ring resizing, reshaping, cleaning, and engraving. All of these services typically cost somewhere in the $20 to $50 price range each. If stones in a ring need setting, that will likely cost around $20 to $30. 

Watch Repair

Watch repairs have a larger price range than other jewelry repairs. Replacing a battery is fairly cheap, likely costing about $15. Crystal replacement will likely cost about $50. Some repairs, such as quartz movement and mechanical movements can cost $100 to $200. 

Other Jewelry Repair in Plantation

There are several types of repairs that do not fall in other categories, such as polishing, tightening loose stones, prong repair, and hinge repair. The cost of these repairs depend on how severe the damage is. In general, these types of repairs will range somewhere between $20 and $50.

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