Atlas Mack

Atlas Mack is not any one individual person. Atlas Mack encompasses the world at large and can be anything you want it to be.

Historically, traditional signet rings have been created with single metal combinations. Atlas Mack is bringing a modern twist to signets by incorporating new world materials to these classic pieces.

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  • The Tree of Life Necklace from the Traditions collection

  • Lion’s Head Tantalum Necklace

  • Oval Chinese Dragon Necklace

  • Oxidized Sterling Silver Rolo Chain, 24″

  • 14kt Blue Lapis Signet Ring

  • “Los Muertos”White Gold and Tantalum Signet ring

  • “Deer Antlers” from the Hunter collection Signet ring

  • The Bullet Back collection, “The Shotshell” Signet ring

  • The Traditions collection, Tree of Life Signet ring

  • 444-10005

    The Nomad collection Compass Rose Signet ring

  • The Astrology collection, Pisces Signet ring

  • Tree of Life Signet ring

  • Winchester Bullet Back Signet ring

  • Chinese Dragon Signet ring

  • “Los Muertos”Tantalum and Rose Gold Pendant.

  • 14kt Yellow and White Gold Round Federal Bullet Pendant.