When it comes to making a statement, there is no one-size-fits-all rule. Many people use accessories such as necklaces in Fort Lauderdale to project their fashion preferences and tastes.

The rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right accessories is simple: less is more. When you try to layer a dozen accessories on top of one another, you run the risk of coming across as too bold. The minimalist style is trending right now, and the subtly layered necklaces in Fort Lauderdale are getting very popular.

Of course, many people enjoy going the extra mile and taking things over the top. As the saying goes, to each their own. But if you want to find a style that is aesthetically pleasing for the vast majority, then here are 3 tips for you.

1. Does Your Outfit Need a Necklace in Fort Lauderdale?

If your outfit already has a ton of accessories layered over it, then going with a bold necklace may not be such a good idea. If you want your necklace to be the focal point, you should choose it first before selecting other accessories. If you are going to wear a busy top or statement rings, then keep the necklace for last. In this case, make sure the necklace supports the rest of the outfit without competing with it.

In many cases you don’t need to use a necklace, this applies in situations where your top has an ornate neckline or a gathered neckline. Instead, you can go for drop earrings. If the top is going to be busy, you could go for large statement bracelets and earrings and not use necklaces. Often with big turtlenecks and chunky sweaters, you don’t need a necklace.

2. Always Factor in the Neckline

You should choose the kind of necklace to wear based on the neckline. With crew necklines, the necklace of choice should be longer than the neckline or just a tad bit shorter. Long-chain necklaces with pendants are simple choices for a crew neck. It also works nicely with casual tops. If your dress is more formal, you should go for chunky and short bib necklaces, they work perfectly in accessorizing plain crown neck dresses, which will help you make a fashion statement.

In the case of a V-neck, you should choose necklaces in Fort Lauderdale that fall naturally in with the V-shape. In this case, go with a short pendant necklace because it will complement the neckline perfectly. Make sure to avoid anything too wide.

3. Keeping it Simple

The minimalist style is all the rage these days. So the ideal style is to choose a delicate shorter necklace that doesn’t draw too much attention. This applies in the case of a busy top such as patterned tops that flaunt flora or leopard prints. These dresses don’t need to pair up with a necklace in Fort Lauderdale to make a statement.