A favorite jewelry piece or treasured family heirloom may be in need of repair or a little tender loving care to keep it looking its best. Having a trusted jeweler is key to keeping your special jewelry well taken care of. A good jeweler checks up periodically on your jewelry and has the experience you need when repairs are necessary.

Here are three of the most common repairs and services you may need for custom jewelry repair in Fort Lauderdale.

1. Lost GemStones

Losing a gemstone from a favorite piece is heartbreaking! Luckily, it is possible to add a replacement gemstone. Choosing a jeweler with a large selection, experience, and attention to detail is your best bet at finding a replacement stone that most closely matches the one you lost. Taking jewelry in for periodic checks helps to prevent lost stones caused by loose stones or worn prongs.

2. Retipping

Retipping is another common custom jewelry repair in Fort Lauderdale. Heirlooms and often-worn, favorite pieces sometimes experience worn prongs that hold stones in place. A skillful jeweler can help add life to the jewelry and prevent a lost stone by retipping or carefully adding metal to the prongs to keep the stone in place. 

3. Chain or Clasp Repair

Broken chains or clasps on bracelets and necklaces can be repaired by an experienced jeweler. Choose a jeweler with experience you can trust to match the metal and replace the broken chain or clasp to restore your special bracelet or necklace.

Trust Matthew’s for your jewelry care and custom jewelry repair in Fort Lauderdale. 

You can bring your jewelry to our trusted jeweler sfor regular care and cleaning before it needs repair, too. Not only will it keep your jewelry sparkling, but it also is an opportunity for the jeweler to notice any loose stones, worn spots, and other issues. Taking care of the piece before it breaks may save the stone or keep you from losing the item.

At Matthew’s Jewelers, we have decades of experience. All repairs are completed on site by the our team, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we won’t send your special jewelry out. For more information, visit our showroom today, or call us today at 954-424-2120!