Amethyst jewelry is more than just a stunningly beautiful accessory. This gemstone has been used for centuries for its purported healing properties. From reducing stress to improving sleep quality, amethyst is believed to have a wide range of benefits. If you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry that’s beautiful, unique, and offers a range of benefits, this semiprecious stone is a great choice. With its calming effects and its unique colors, amethyst is sure to enhance any look. Here’s why you should wear amethyst jewelry in Plantation.

Amethyst Has a Calming Effect

In the old world, amethyst was used to balance emotion and bring a sense of harmony. When you wear amethyst jewelry, it’s said to help promote relaxation and ultimately help you achieve emotional balance. This is great news for anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by the daily grind. Its physical beauty is a calming reminder to take a moment and enjoy life.

This gemstone is also said to help you stay focused and grounded in the present, reducing distractions. If you’re looking to stay present and on-task throughout the day, amethyst jewelry might help you remain clear-headed and focused on what matters.

Amethyst, February’s Birthstone, Is Unique

Not only does amethyst have healing properties, but it also stands out for its one-of-a-kind look. This gemstone features shades of purple that range from light lavender to a deep, dark hue. Plus, there are often tints of blue, red, and / or pink that give the stone its unique multi-colored look.

One of the great things about amethyst is that no two pieces ever look the same. Each stone has its own unique variations that make it a special, unique piece that’s sure to stand out in any collection. Its beauty is a reminder of how special and unique you are.

Amethyst Is Durable

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that’s designed to last, amethyst is a great choice. It’s a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so it’s quite durable and can take a licking without cracking or chipping. This makes amethyst jewelry a great choice for everyday wear.

Plus, many amethyst jewelry pieces come with settings that are made with sterling silver, gold or platinum. These durable metals help protect your pieces from scratches and other forms of damage. And with the right care, you can be sure that your amethyst jewelry will last for generations to come.

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