The answer to this question is so easy – fine jewelry is a perfect gift for any anniversary! Jewelry is the perfect way to visually show the level of commitment and love you feel for that special someone. Each anniversary has a gemstone associated with it, and milestone years are often celebrated with a traditional gift to show your enduring devotion. Here are some ideas.

First Anniversary

Gold is the traditional gift to mark your first year together. Consider a gold or gold-plated bracelet that pairs well with other jewelry or a set of fine gold cufflinks.

Fifth Anniversary

Sapphire is the dazzling color to celebrate your fifth year. Because this stone is durable, it is an excellent choice for any jewelry option from earrings to pendants and rings

Tenth Anniversary

Celebrating your first decade together is a great occasion for a gift of fine jewelry. The traditional choice is diamonds. Consider sparkling diamond earrings, or show your eternal love with an eternity band.

Fifteenth Anniversary

Red is the color of love, so the traditional gift for your fifteen years together is a red ruby. Stunning heart-shaped earrings or a drop pendant are lovely options.

Twentieth Anniversary

To celebrate the beginning of your third decade together, consider a brilliant green emerald set in a pendant or pair with diamonds for earrings that really make a statement of love.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

This quarter of a century milestone is the Silver Anniversary. Whether you choose sterling silver or silver-toned metals like platinum or white gold, this is the anniversary to get creative and commission a custom piece created just for the one you love.

Thirtieth Anniversary

A gift from the ocean, pearls commemorate your third decade of love. Choose a timeless strand of pearls or a pair of earrings.

Fiftieth Anniversary

Everyone knows this is the golden anniversary! Your love has truly stood the test of time. Commemorate this milestone by creating a unique customized piece in gorgeous yellow or white gold, and consider incorporating your favorite gemstones.

Celebrate Your Special Anniversaries With Fine Jewelry From Matthew’s Jewelers

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