Having the right jewelry can make or break an outfit. Jewelry can also be the perfect gift or be relegated to the bottom of the jewelry box. Finding the right designer jewelry in Fort Lauderdale can seem impossible, but it is not. You can find a jeweler that carries beautiful choices and who can also create a personal piece to your specifications.

This is why you need to shop at Matthew’s Jewelers for designer jewelry in Fort Lauderdale.

We Carry Quality Pieces

At Matthew’s Jewelers, you can simply walk in and find quality jewelry. Whether you need an elegant necklace or a watch for that someone special in your life, we have what you need. We carry fine jewelry, including engagement rings and wedding sets. You are sure to find a piece you love that is going to last a lifetime.

We Design and Manufacture Custom Pieces In-House

Our computer programs allow you to virtually see your jewelry come to life as a 3D design. We also have added two 3D printers to create wax prototypes and also create molds to cast the jewelry in. With our state of the art technology, if you can imagine it, we can create it.

We Offer Outstanding Service

Our goal is to ensure every customer gets top-notch service, and our testimonials prove that we meet this goal. Our reviews talk about how courteous and professional we are. They also talk about how we go above and beyond with our services. We are happy to give you a tour of our work area and let you see the custom jewelry pieces we are currently working on. We want you to know we treat pieces you bring in for repairs with respect, and we also do quality work for resizing and custom pieces.

Matthew’s Jewelers is THE Place to Shop for Designer Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale.

Whether you are looking for a ready-made piece or have an amazing custom idea, Matthew’s Jewelers is the place to go. Call us at 954-424-2120 to speak with one of our custom jewelry experts about fulfilling your jewelry needs in Fort Lauderdale today.