Finding the perfect person to spend the rest of your life can be amazing. However, to make the moment official, you need to buy an engagement ring. Unfortunately, many people find the process of shopping for engagement rings in Plantation to be more stressful than proposing to their special someone.

Buying the right engagement ring can be a complicated process, much like the one you experience when shopping for cars. The issues many people face is because they feel the process is so simple. They usually assume that all they have to do is walk into a store and pick something.

That’s not the case at all. To make it easier, we’re breaking down the process of shopping for your engagement rings to help you time your proposal correctly:

Researching – Can Take 1 to 5 Days

A lot more thought goes into picking the right engagement ring. Before you walk into a shop, you should be aware of the following things:

  • The stone you want
  • The setting
  • The precious metal
  • Your budget

All stones are rated on their cut, clarity, color and carat (the 4 C’s). The setting and precious metal will make an impact on the price. Similarly, by keeping your budget in mind, you can ensure that you get the perfect ring for you.

Checking Your Options – 1 Week to 2 Weeks

Once you have done your research, make sure to check your options. Checking your choices shouldn’t just be done to find the best stone or the right precious metal – it can also be done to find the right jeweler to work with.

If you’re working with a new jeweler, for the first time, ask them for more details or examples of their work. Checking your options can either be a process that is done within a week or may take longer, so be patient and don’t rush it.

Sizing – 1 Day to 1 Week

Sizing can be tricky, especially if you want it to be a complete surprise for your significant other. It’s a good idea to take an old ring they have or ask their friends and family to help. Your jeweler will then resize the ring accordingly.

This process can vary based on size. Usually, rings can be resized easily but, if a custom ring has to be made, it can take some time.

Finalizing the Ring – 2 to 4 Weeks

Finalizing can be fast if you’re getting a stock ring, but if you’re getting a custom ring, it can take some time. Additionally, if you have to resize a family heirloom or want it to be in a newer setting, you will have to wait a few weeks.

Once the ring is ready, you can then present it to your special someone. In short, you should start shopping for engagement rings in Plantation at least two months before you plan to propose. Being prepared can ensure that on your special day, you have the perfect ring.

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