When shopping for a special piece of fine jewelry, it can seem like any store you go into is filled with jewels of all kinds. Narrowing down what you want can be tough if you do not know how to identify different qualities in the jewelry. One important quality to consider is if the jewelry you are looking at is designer or commercial. So, what’s the difference between designer jewelry near Plantation and commercial jewelry?

What Is Commercial Jewelry?

This type of jewelry is likely what you are seeing when you go to a department store. It is often mass produced and uses less premium materials. That is not to say that this type of jewelry is of a bad quality. This type of jewelry is simply not as unique as designer jewelry.

What Is Designer Jewelry Near Plantation?

Designer jewelry focuses on using thoughtful design, high-quality materials, and quality craftsmanship. It is often marked by a consistent aesthetic throughout a designer’s body of work. This type of jewelry is frequently made by hand but it is not always. In some cases, such as when celebrities create a designer jewelry line, designer jewelry is also mass produced after the design step is finished.

Are There Different Types of Designer Jewelry?

Within designer jewelry, there are a number of types of jewelry. These include high jewelry and custom jewelry. High jewelry is usually the most expensive type of jewelry offered, since it is made with rare gems and metals and made with expert craftsmanship and design. This type can not be mass produced, since the materials used tend to be very rare. 

Custom jewelry is made to order per a customer’s request. This type of jewelry often requires that some elements are handmade. Studio jewelry is made by a single craftsperson or a single craftsperson with a few assistants. This type of jewelry is usually handcrafted.

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