Getting your ears pierced or piercing your child’s ears is exciting! For youth, it can be a rite of passage, and certainly for anyone, a way to enjoy beautiful new accessories. Earrings offer so many styles and designs and are easy to change to add something to any outfit or occasion. Because you’re breaking the skin, it’s important to know a few things before piercing for earrings in Plantation. Here are some tips.

Get Your Ears Pierced By a Reputable Specialist

When it comes to piercing, you’ve got options. Many doctors offer ear piercing, as do most tattoo parlors, in addition to some jewelry shops. Be sure that the person you choose has special training and is qualified, because a botched piercing job can have complications like scars or even cysts.

Equipment Should Be Sterile

To prevent infection, equipment the professional is using should be sterile. Doctor offices and tattoo parlors often use an autoclave machine to ensure sterilization. Be sure to ask how the equipment used in piercing is sterilized to keep you safe.

Know the Best Earring Options

Sensitivity to some metals can cause complications, so be sure to pick your new earrings carefully. Your best choice is 14K gold or another hypoallergenic metal. Remember, the new earrings cannot be changed for several weeks while the piercing heals, so when choosing this first pair, choose something you like and that matches many outfits.

Take Care of Your Piercing When You Get Earrings in Plantation

A special solution made just for piercing care is necessary for cleaning the new piercing. Follow the specialists instructions for cleaning and turning, so you heal without complications. Do not change earrings before the recommended healing time, as new piercings can close quickly. So, be sure to keep earrings in at all times for at least the first 6 months following your piercing. 

Are You Looking for Gorgeous Earrings in Plantation?

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