Getting engaged is a very special occasion, and more than ever, couples are choosing very special rings to mark the occasion. As a piece that is worn for a lifetime, choosing the right engagement ring is an important decision. So, whether you go for a timeless classic or a truly unique statement, here are some trends in engagement rings in Fort Lauderdale to consider as you shop.

Unique and Personal Rings

Couples are trending toward choosing an engagement ring that offers personalized elements. From special details, custom stones and settings, to hidden messages, the rings are a physical representation of the love shared. 

Heirlooms or Heirloom-Inspired Rings

Adding custom details to a family heirloom to personalize the ring is a hot trend. And when an heirloom isn’t available, crafting a custom ring inspired by a family heirloom or choosing a vintage style is also on point. Couples are choosing old-style cuts for the gemstones and vintage-style settings.

Small Side Stones for Engagement Rings in Fort Lauderdale

Choosing dainty side stones is becoming popular for engagement rings in Fort Lauderdale. Multiple, petite side stones are adding just the right amount of sparkle for the engagement occasion.

Modernized Classics

Classics like the diamond solitaire in round and oval cuts are timeless. Couples are choosing a special stone and setting it in simple, yet stunning platinum to highlight the sparkle.

Prong Detail – Compass Prongs

East-west cuts and compass prongs are adding a special uniqueness to emerald cuts this year. So as you shop, notice this trend in engagement rings.

Gemstones Other Than Diamonds for Engagement Rings in Fort Lauderdale

Looking for some color? Emeralds, sapphires, and other precious stones are being chosen as the centerpiece of the engagement ring. 

If you’re choosing engagement rings, the experts at Matthew’s Jewelers are happy to show you the stunning choices in our showroom. Looking for something unique? Our designers also craft custom pieces using the latest in imaging software, so you can see your ring design before it’s made. Stop by the showroom or call us today at 954-424-2120.