Beautiful jewelry is a timeless gift sure to be treasured for many years to come. If you’re looking for a dazzling selection or a piece custom designed just for you, visit the professionals at Matthew’s Jewelers. For a gift to remember, consider one of our top 4 pendants near Fort Lauderdale.

Yellow Diamond Pendant Set in Platinum and 18K Gold

Stunningly crafted, designed in-house, this pendant features a sparkling yellow diamond at its center surrounded by clear, white diamonds. The gems are set in beautiful platinum and 18K gold. To complete the effect, consider adding a platinum and diamond chain. This piece, part of our signature collection, is sure to delight and add just the right amount of glitter to catch her eye.

Diamond Pendant Set in 18K White Gold

This pendant has a central white diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds all elegantly set in crisp white gold. The lovely white gold setting showcases the clearness of the white diamonds giving this piece lots of sparkle! This piece, part of our signature collection, is the artistic result of the creative designers at Matthew’s Jewelers. Our experts help you select the perfect chain to accompany the pendant.

Sleek and Slender Diamond Pendant Set in 14K White Gold

Modern and simply elegant, this slender diamond pendant is perfect for any occasion and adds an element of sparkle to many outfits. This pendant is designed in house and is also a part of our special signature collection. Select a lovely chain to accompany this beautiful pendant near Fort Lauderdale.

Diamond Pendant near Fort Lauderdale Set in 18K White Gold

Diamonds woven together by dainty strands of white gold set this eye-catching pendant apart. With plenty of glittering diamonds, the graceful elegance of its lacey white gold truly makes this piece unique. Part of our signature collection, pair this in-house design with a carefully selected chain. 

Come see the difference at Matthew’s Jewelers. We are ready to help you find the right pendants near Fort Lauderdale, whether it is a special piece you select from our showroom or a custom design created just for you. Stop in at Matthew’s Jewelry Store today.