So, you’ve already decided a necklace will make the perfect gift for someone you love. Now, it’s time to shop for necklaces in Plantation. But how do you choose the best one that is sure to be treasured for years to come? We have some tips on things to consider when shopping.

How to Choose Perfect Necklaces in Plantation

The most important things to think about when shopping include the following:

    • Metal type: There is a wide variety of materials necklaces can be made from. Prices vary greatly depending on the type of metal you choose. You can choose from sterling silver, gold, white gold, rose gold, and other metals.
    • Chain Length: Chains range in size from 14 to 42 inches, and each size looks different on people based on their height and what they’re wearing the necklace with. The styles based on chain length include:

14 inches: Collar

16 inches: Choker

18 inches: Princess

20 – 24 inches: Matinée

28 – 36 inches: Opera

36 – 42 inches: Rope

  • Occasion: If you’re purchasing a nice necklace for someone to wear on special formal occasions, the gift you choose will be very different compared to a more practical necklace that can be worn daily. The style clothing the necklace will be worn with is very important to consider, especially the neckline of the shirt or dress.

Consider Engraving

Another thing to think about when buying a necklace to give to someone else is whether you want to have it engraved. If so, that may limit your choices, as it needs to be large enough to have room for engraving. There are many great sayings you can get engraved, such as your favorite scripture, names and birthdays of kids, promises of everlasting love, song lyrics, or anything else meaningful.

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