Mark Silverman, owner of Matthew’s Jewelers in Plantation, Fla., spent years on the design and manufacturing end of the jewelry industry. Like his father before him, he gained a reputation for exceptional work – but he wanted more. He wanted the satisfaction of seeing the joy his designs gave the people wearing them.

“I like to design and see my customers’ reaction to what we do,” Mark says. “We’ve taken pieces that were left to people and repurposed them. A piece of jewelry doesn’t come to life until it’s worn and enjoyed. That’s what does it for me. Before, I would send a piece to North Carolina, and the jeweler there got to see the customer’s reaction and we didn’t – but we do now. I do most of our manufacturing; we import our own diamonds, and I travel to India. I’m still doing what I cut my teeth on. It’s the best of both worlds.”

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