Getting married is such an exciting time! There are so many options when it comes to wedding bands, so you’ll enjoy choosing rings that represent your unique style and feelings for each other. If you’re shopping for wedding bands in Sunrise, here are some tips to help you pick the perfect rings.

1. Carefully Consider Style – Both the Ring and Your Personal Style!

These days, it’s entirely up to the couple as to whether the rings match each other or simply match each person’s unique style. So, consider your sense of style when choosing a ring. Do you tend toward a more classic look? Or do you embrace a more modern style? It’s a good bet that you’ll wear your rings all the time, so choose rings that pair well with your daily look.

2. Choose Wedding Bands in Sunrise for Practicality and Comfort

Of course, you want your rings to look good. But, also take into account your daily lifestyle. Are you into gardening? Then it’s important to consider how it will feel to pull on garden gloves with the ring on. Think about how you use your hands each day and what hobbies you love. 

If you’re the type that enjoys getting your hands dirty, do you want an intricate ring that may be hard to clean? Comfort is also key. You’ll spend a lot of time wearing your rings, so make sure the style and thickness is comfortable on your finger.

3. Select a Wedding Ring To Complement Your Engagement Ring

Be sure your wedding band looks good paired with your engagement ring. Shop in person so you can try rings on to see the effect that both rings have together. 

4. Understand the Metals

Mixed metals are on trend for both men’s and women’s wedding bands. Rose or yellow gold pair well with white gold. Whether you choose a single metal or a combination, understand your metal options and benefits. Gold maintains its shine well. For durability, platinum is a top choice. 

5. Choose Quality Wedding Bands in Sunrise From Matthew’s Jewelers

For an excellent selection and top quality, visit the Matthew’s Jewelers showroom. Choosing quality rings ensures a lasting visual representation of your love. If you’re looking for a wedding band in Sunrise, call us at 954-424-2120 or visit today.