You’re newly engaged and over the moon with excitement, so you want to capture the moment with stunning pictures! It’s understandable that you want to share your news on social media and flaunt your gorgeous ring. Here’s how to take a great pic to show off your engagement ring near Fort Lauderdale.

Choose the Right Background for Your Engagement Ring Near Fort Lauderdale

Is there a stunning natural view nearby? Consider snapping shots with the view as the background. Beautiful scenery like lakes, beaches, mountains, or nearby gardens all make for special backdrops.

Other unique spaces that are meaningful to you or your relationship or even beautiful fabrics are also options to consider.

Light It Up

Optimal lighting makes your ring sparkle just right! Natural light is best when it comes to catching your ring’s special glitter. Take your pictures outdoors or near a window. Especially avoid dim lighting, flashes, and fluorescent lights.

Pay Attention to the Details

Your hand is the supporting element, so be sure it looks its best. Consider a manicure before taking pictures. Pose your hand so it’s relaxed and at a slight angle to the camera for a more flattering photo. 

Get the Most Out of Cell Phone Snaps

Using a cell phone camera, while it may not be quite the caliber of a pro, is totally doable with the right tips. Avoid the flash. Again, use natural light. Instead of zooming in, bring the ring in for it’s close up. You’ll get a much nicer shot. And, consider trying out a filter that brings out the best in the photo.

Take a Lot of Photos

Give yourself options by taking a lot of pics of your engagement ring near Fort Lauderdale. Once you’ve got the shots, choose your favorites and edit them. When it’s time to make the post, choose only the best one. For special moments like these, posting a single image has a huge impact on social media. 

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