If there’s one thing that always remains true, it’s that wedding ring trends are ever-changing. And everyone’s style is unique. It can be hard to find the perfect piece of forever jewelry for your bride-to-be. So if you’re shopping for wedding rings in Plantation, check out this handy guide to finding the best ring to tell your special someone you want to spend eternity with them.

There are popular styles for engagement rings that seem to remain timeless.

This includes:

Diamond / Stone Solitaire

From the French word meaning alone, a solitaire ring contains only one stone high set on a band. Anyone who prefers that timeless piece that never goes out of style will appreciate a solitaire.


A three-stone ring is also a classic, as it represents your past, present, and future together. Typically with a three-stone ring, the center stone is set higher than the other two. You can mix and match stones to make this more of a timeless piece with a modern spin.


There is just something so romantic about vintage rings that can’t be explained. You can often find actual vintage rings from days of old, though stones are often much smaller than modern-day rings. So, you may find your best option for a vintage look is to have a custom ring created to have the appeal of romance and elegance of a bygone era with modern standards of gemstone size and quality.


This includes a larger center stone with small gemstones placed around the band in a very close setting so that very little of the band is able to be seen. If you’re looking for bling, a pavé ring is the way to go.

Here are trendy rings in Plantation, Florida for brides and grooms right now.

Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets

Olivia L’Amour Diamond Engagement Ring

This halo engagement ring features a patented L’Amour Crisscut diamond with lots of bling. The band features closely set diamonds similar to a pavé style on an 18K band.

18KT Lyria Leaves Bezel Set Engagement Ring

This ring has a very vintage feel but with a very modern twist. Set in 18K, the center stone is sold separately, so you can set your own diamond or choose your own special stone.

18KT White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Mounting

This white gold mounting allows you to choose your own center stone for a trilogy ring loaded with bling.

When you’re ready to shop for engagement rings and wedding bands, choose a trusted jeweler that allows you to shop in a no-pressure atmosphere to find jewelry that brings a smile to your special someone’s face.