With fall comes 1 days of October birthdays, so chances are you know someone special with a birthday this month. Or, perhaps you have an anniversary or other special occasion. What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful piece of jewelry featuring October’s birthstone, such as a pink opal and diamond heart necklace? The modern October birthstone is tourmaline, while the traditional stone is the opal. Both are beautiful choices for a fun and elegant piece of jewelry. Here’s how to shop for opal jewelry

What’s The Story – How Do I Choose The Right Opal Jewelry?

When shopping for opal jewelry, there are a few things you should do. You should decide which kind of opal you want, judge the opal’s quality, consider which colors and shapes compliment your coloring and wardrobe, and get a certificate of authenticity. 

What Type of Opal Should You Get?

You should first decide if you want a black, white, crystal opal, or something else. These come with a range of appearances and prices, with black opals usually being the most expensive.

Opals can either be solid or composite. Solid opals are fully opal all the way through. They are more expensive and sturdier than composite opals. Composite opals can either be doublets or triplets and consist of a few layers, one layer of which is opal.

How Do I Judge Quality?

When considering quality in your opal jewelry, you should consider the stone’s brilliance, pattern, thickness, color, and any inclusions and cracks. Opals can be three different levels of brilliant: brilliant, bright, and subdued. You should consider the distribution and balance of the opal’s various colors. 

Consider Your Personal Needs When Shopping for Opal Jewelry.

Opals come in many colors, so you should have no problem finding a stone that fits your own style and needs if you’re gifting yourself opal. Consider if a warmer or cooler toned opal would go best with your wardrobe. When selecting a stone, you should keep in mind what you are using it for and use that as a way to guide your selection.

Be sure to get a certificate of authenticity with your stone, which is good for insurance purposes and in case you ever decide to sell your opal jewelry.

Where Can I Find the Best Opal Jewelry in Florida?

If you are looking for a beautiful way to celebrate an October birthday with opal jewelry, come visit Matthews Jewelers. Whether you want our existing fine jewelry or a custom piece, our experts are here to help. Call us at 954-424-2120 to make an appointment, or simply stop into our jewelry store in Plantation to shop.