Before you invest in fine jewelry, you want to be sure that you choose a quality piece that will last, that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. Shopping for bracelets in Plantation is so much fun, so enjoy the process as you try to select the perfect piece of jewelry.

Here is how to select the very best bracelets in Plantation when jewelry shopping.

Only shop the best jewelers. 

Choose your jewelry store wise. You want to shop at one with a large selection and a great reputation. Also very important is customer service. Your jewelry store should prioritize the wants and needs of their clients to make your shopping experience a great one. You may also want to shop with a jeweler who can take your bracelet design idea and make it for you should you want custom-made jewelry. Then, there’s no need to stress about finding the most splendid bracelet! You can have it made just for you.

Choose a style.

Are you into the super trendy chain or link bracelets right now? Perhaps a classic bangle or a trendy cuff bracelet is more your style. You can never go wrong with a charm bracelet or diamonds either. They’re always on point. Narrowing down your style before heading to the jewelry store in Plantation can help make your shopping experience a bit easier.

Have your wrist measured for size.

Before you buy, have the circumference of your wrist measured. When shopping, look for bracelets that are at least .75″ longer than your wrist measurement. Anything larger than 1.5″ than your wrist is at risk for sliding off.

Let Matthew’s Jewelers help you choose the bracelet that’s right for you.

At Matthew’s Jewelers, we have a large selection of bracelets in Plantation to help you find the perfect one to grace your wrist!  Our outstanding salespeople can measure you, so you get just the right fit. We can guide you to bracelets that match your style, or help you narrow down the style you like best if you’re unsure. Stop in to shop today!