From custom jewelry to premade pieces, choosing the right July birthstone earrings in Plantation doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Read on to learn more about the king of precious stones, and how to care for it!

How to Choose the Right July Birthstone Earrings for You

You’re likely wondering what’s so special about the July birthstone. The ruby is one of the most coveted gemstones, its name derived from the Latin word “ruber,” or simply red. The color of passion, this birthstone is an excellent addition to jewelry such as earrings.

To choose the correct earrings for you or a loved one, you must first view the styles available, from simple studs to elaborate earrings that dangle delicately from your ears. The sturdy ruby fits perfectly in all types of earrings, making it easy to combine with a variety of styles and metals.

If the stunning premade jewelry doesn’t suit your needs, consider designing a custom jewelry piece. No matter the case, consulting with a jewelry expert is an easy, stress-free way to obtain the ruby piece of your dreams.

Caring for Your Birthstone Earrings: An Easy Guide

Caring for ruby earrings is incredibly easy. Rated just behind diamonds as a nine on the Mohs Hardness Scale, rubies won’t give you much trouble. Stable under standard wearing conditions, warm and soapy water is really all you need to keep this gemstone clean and brilliant.

That being said, dyed material or cavity-filled pieces only require cleaning with a damp cloth. So, ruby earrings are a low-maintenance gem, both easy to store and easy to wear, allowing those born in July to present their birthstone proudly at all times.

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