Whether you’re ready to order your bridal set now or are just looking for some standout ideas, you’re in the right place! We want to make your search for the perfect bridal jewelry in Plantation a breeze. The sheer number of different styles can be overwhelming if you don’t already have an idea of what you’d like. So, we’ve broken it down into three parts you’re sure to have fun selecting.

Here are 3 things to pay attention to when choosing bridal jewelry in Plantation to make your day even more special.

1. Gemstones

Looking for a more traditional diamond wedding ring? You might be surprised to find that diamonds aren’t as traditional as you think. There is a rich history of colorful gemstones as far back as the Victorian era–deep sapphires and emeralds heralding royal or celebrity engagements through the years. As a staple, diamonds are still just as popular today as they were in the 1800’s, sought after for their simple beauty and versatility. When looking for your perfect ring, remember there are so many different precious stones to choose from with beautiful and romantic meanings. 

2. Bands and Metals

Today’s bridal jewelry market features a wide variety of metals such as platinum and silver. Gold comes in variations of yellow, white or rose. There’s no one best choice when it comes to selecting the perfect band for your ring. It all depends on how you’ll wear it and the stones you’ll have with it. Pair boldly colored stones with yellow gold for a beautiful antique look. Pair white diamonds with platinum for a look that is clean cut and will match your whole wardrobe. Or, soften the look with pastel gemstones for a distinctly feminine twist. 

3. Accents are Everything

Rings with single stones are undoubtedly beautiful. But history shows that having fun and getting creative with your ring can lead to some truly amazing masterpieces. Diamond accents in the band enhance the main gemstone, while clusters around the stone really set it off and can be used to create patterns. Not sure how to accentuate your ring? As your local experts in  bridal jewelry, we’re here to help you select a style that suits you.

If you’re shopping for bridal rings in Plantation, we’re here to make your wedding ring dreams come true!

Whether you’re looking for traditional or the newest trends, we’ve got what you’re looking for. To schedule a consultation, or to order your perfect set, call (954) 424-2120 today.