If you have pierced ears, chances are you wear earrings every day. It’s easy to forget the importance of this daily piece and fall into wearing the same pair all the time. Well-chosen earrings add style to outfits and help play up your best facial features. With so many styles to choose from, glittering stones, and a variety of metals, how do you pick the perfect pair? Here are some tips for how to choose the best pair of earrings in Plantation.

The Best Earrings in Plantation Accentuate Your Best Facial Features

When selecting a pair of earrings, it helps to keep in mind that certain styles pair well with the general shape of your face. Often, it’s the opposite shape that goes best with your visage.

  • Square Face: Avoid wide, square earrings, instead opting for rounder shapes both for stud earrings and dangling earrings. Hoops are particularly flattering, as are long dangling earrings.
  • Round Face: Avoid round earrings and choose long dangling earrings. Beautiful dangles with a gem featured on the end and elongated oval hoops are classic choices.
  • Oval Face: This shape breaks the rule of opposites and seems not to clash with any style of earring. If your oval is narrow, wider earrings add balance. Perhaps you’d like to highlight the shape of your oval face by wearing long oval-shaped dangles.

Choose Metals That Pair Best With Your Skin Tone

The metal you choose should accentuate the color of your skin. So, for the best earrings in Plantation, consider your skin tone as you choose the metal for your earrings. Warm skin tones pair best with classic yellow gold. Copper or rose gold is another great choice! Cooler skin tones look great with silver or platinum earrings.

Consider Your Style To Choose the Best Earrings

Our jewelry adds an element of style to even our most simple outfits. So, when choosing the right earrings, consider your unique style.

  • Modern Styles: Do you tend to dress in a more urban modern style? If so, geometric shapes add design to your modern flare.
  • Feminine Style: Flowing dresses? Satin and lace? Romance your look with earrings displaying dainty details, intricate patterns, and a general softened, rounded shape.
  • Classic: If you embrace a classic style, classic earrings are your go to! Gorgeous pearl earrings, diamond studs, and hoops in metals that pair well with your skin tone are a must!
  • The Artistic or Bohemian Style: Have fun with brightly colored stones and sparkling dangles.

When you’re ready to choose a new pair of earrings in Plantation, the selection at Matthew’s Jewellers features a wide variety of stunning options. With decades of experience, our jewelry team is ready to help you find just the right pair of earrings. Or perhaps you have something special in mind that we can custom create just for you!  Visit our showroom today, or call (954) 424-2120 to learn more.