Fancy jewelry complements your bridal look and adds a ton of flair to your special moment. Since it’s going to be your big day, the pressure is on you to choose the perfect accessories that match your wedding dress. When you are faced with so many options, your experience can get a tad bit overwhelming.

In this article, we have prepared a quick guide to help you pick the perfect bridal jewelry in Fort Lauderdale.

1. Choose Bridal Jewelry Based on the Dress

If you are not sure whether to choose platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold, then it makes sense to go for bridal jewelry based on the color of the dress. For instance, if the wedding dress is white, then go for silver or platinum pieces. Similarly, if you are wearing an ivory dress, complement it with golden-hued jewelry to enhance your look. If the gown has a light beige color, then it would look best with silver jewelry.

Finally, if your wedding dress is pink in color, then try going with rose gold for your bridal jewelry. The embellishments and fabric of the wedding gown can go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

2. Don’t Overdo It

Since it’s going to be your big day, it is very easy to end up doing more than is needed. This runs the risk of overdoing things, which means your bridal jewelry will end up outshining your wedding costume when it should be the other way round. The rule of thumb when it comes to bridal jewelry in Fort Lauderdale is simple: it must blend in with the overall bridal wear.

If your wedding gown has an ornate neckline, then your necklace shouldn’t make your neckline look too overcrowded. A much better idea is to wear dangle earrings that can complement the overall look.

3. Look at the Neckline of the Dress

The neckline of your dress will play a big role in how you look. A shorter necklace or choker is a good choice for dresses with a sweetheart neckline or a strapless neckline. However, if it has an ornate neckline, then it is best to go with drop earrings or dangling earrings paired with flowers for your hair. You can balance the look with a small bangle or bracelet. Similarly, V neck wedding gowns go best with pendant or choker, or if you want, you can layer them both.

4. Highlight the Bridal Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale

You should choose bridal jewelry in such a way that it contrasts well against the wedding dress, not steal the limelight! The metals of the jewelry should be selected by keeping the color of the wedding gown in mind. It is not advisable to take on too much jewelry because it may end up creating a mess of your dress. In many cases, three accessories such as a ring, a heavy pair of earrings, and a necklace are all that is needed to complete the look.