You’ve planned your wedding down to the last exquisite detail. You’ve chosen or planned the perfect dress for your big day. The jewelry you choose to accompany you down the aisle should be special as well. Consider the big picture of the day, the dress, your engagement ring, and your other accessories to pick the perfect pieces for bridal jewelry in Fort Lauderdale or your wedding day.

Pick bridal jewelry in Fort Lauderdale that you love.

If you’re trying to talk yourself into a piece, then it probably isn’t the right choice. Just because the big earrings would make a statement, if you don’t love them, pass them up. Consider your dress, but also consider your unique style and what pleases you. You will likely wear jewelry again if you love it, and best of all, when you wear it, it will remind you of the big day.

Let the dress stand out.

The jewelry you select should accentuate your dress and its style, not compete with it. Don’t overdo the jewelry. In this case, less is often more, and keep it to a few well-selected pieces that you love.

Choose the right metal for your dress.

Bright platinum or silver pairs well with a pure white dress. Traditional gold looks stunning with a cream or ivory gown. When choosing your bridal jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, possibly bring a swatch in to see how the jewelry will look with your gown’s color.

Consider the neckline  when choosing bridal Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale.

For a high neckline, focus on jewelry like beautiful bracelets, earrings, and hairpieces to create a stunning effect. V-neck dresses look amazing with a pendant necklace or choker. Chokers also pair perfectly with a strapless dress. Or perhaps forgo the necklace and choose dangling earrings with an updo.

Consider your hairstyle.

When choosing necklaces and earrings, think about how your hair will be styled on the big day. If your hair will be up, wear it up when making your jewelry choices. 

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