If you are shopping for a necklace, you likely know that the chains of a necklace can come in many different lengths. If you are looking at an image of different necklace lengths online, it can be difficult to visualize exactly what the right length would be for you, even if you know the size. Read on to learn all about how to choose the right length for your necklace near Fort Lauderdale for you. 

What Necklace Lengths Are Available? 

Necklaces tend to be 14 to 30 inches and come in even sizes. 

What Is Your Neck Size?

You can easily measure your neck with a measuring tape. Add at least two inches for comfort unless shopping for a choker to tell how different lengths of necklaces will fit you. If you have a thicker neck, you may opt for a longer chain to achieve the same look as someone with a thinner neck and shorter chain. 

It is also worth taking your height into account. A necklace that looks too long on one person may look fine on a taller person. It all just depends on the look you wish to achieve. 

What You Are Wearing Your Necklace Near Fort Lauderdale With?

If you are unsure of what length of necklace you want to wear, start by thinking of the types of necklines that you would wear this necklace with. In general, you do not want to pair a necklace with a neckline that obscures it. Maybe you want a versatile necklace length that will go with many types of clothing. In that case, you could go with an 18 or 20-inch necklace. 

Is There Anything You Want to Accentuate?

Necklaces are great if there is a part of your body towards which you want to draw attention. You may want to select a shorter necklace if you want to draw attention to your neck. If you are proud of your collar bones, a longer necklace may be the way to go. 

Find the Perfect Necklace Near Fort Lauderdale For You

Whatever necklace length you choose for your necklace near Fort Lauderdale, Matthew’s Jewelers is here to provide you with a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Come to us at our jewelry store in Plantation when you are ready to find the perfect necklace for you!