The magnificent iridescence of opal jewelry is unmatched. As October’s birthstone, this gem may just be the most unique and most long-loved stone, as it has been sought after for thousands of years. Though it’s unsure where the name opal originated from, it’s believed that the name comes from the Roman word for precious stone, opalus. If you love this stone as much as many wearers over centuries and wish to purchase one (or more!) for yourself, you need this quick guide on how to care for opals.

Here’s How to Care for Opals in Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, & Bracelets

Opal Care Do’s:

When it comes to caring for your opal necklace or other piece of jewelry, be sure to follow these guidelines to ensure your stone looks beautiful for many years.

  • When cleaning opal: Use warm water and a toothbrush or soft cloth such as a chamois to remove oils and dirt from the stone on a monthly basis. Hand polish it after cleaning with a soft dry cloth. You may also use jewelry cleaning products as long as they specify that they are safe for opal.
  • When storing opal: Wrap each opal individually and store it in a location with plenty of moisture in the air. If storing opal long term, be sure to wrap it in a soft protective cloth that has been moistened.
  • When wearing opal: Be sure to remove it before doing any tasks that may put your stone in harm’s way (remove an opal ring before working with your hands, etc).
  • If your opal is damaged: Take it in for repair right away if you notice any chipping, cracks, or other damage, as it can worsen if not immediately addressed.

Opal Care Don’ts:

Avoid the following:

  • Sleeping in your jewelry: Be sure to take it off and store it properly before bed, as it can become damaged while you slumber.
  • Transporting opal with other jewelry: When traveling, be sure to keep opal from being bumped or scratched by other gemstones that could damage it.

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