Who doesn’t love a good necklace? Or, better yet, an emerald necklace? You may be wondering how to care for this precious May birthstone gem in order to maintain its breathtaking beauty. Caring for your emerald necklaces in Sunrise is easier than ever with these dos and don’ts.

What Should You Do to Care for Your Emerald Necklace?

Proper handling of your emerald will preserve its life in ways you couldn’t imagine, allowing it to be passed down for generations. While an overall durable gemstone, it is softer than the gems most often used in jewelry.

Unfortunately not immune to scratching or chipping, proper care is a must, especially when worn as a  necklace. Luckily, keeping this beautiful stone clean is incredibly easy. The ideal way to clean your emerald piece is to use warm soapy water or a warm soapy cloth.

Keep your emerald necklace out of intense, hot lights, as well as solar radiation, which are known causes for dried-out fracture fillings. Take the time to store them carefully in their own pouch, and examine them regularly to ensure that they’re secure in their place.

What Shouldn’t You Do When Caring for Your Emerald Necklace?

Caring for emerald jewelry isn’t all that difficult in comparison to other stones and materials, however there are some strict rules to adhere by.

Firstly, avoid banging your jewelry on hard surfaces. With an emerald necklace, it is typically easy to avoid harm, but it is still entirely possible. Minimizing the risk of chipping or scratching is a key element in preserving your stone.

Secondly, limit your weartime. Emeralds are not intended for 24/7 wear. Take your necklace off while you sleep or bathe and during any pooltime or physical activities as well such as gardening or sports.

Thirdly, avoid soaking them in water, paint thinner, or acetone. Harsh elements and environments are the easiest, quickest way to degrade the quality of your emerald.

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