Representing faithfulness and eternal love, blue topaz is definitely a stone for lovers! And with just one look, you can see why it radiates loving energy. The delightfully delicate blue color will have you in love at first sight. Before purchasing this gem, you need to know how to care for blue topaz rings and other pieces to help it maintain its brilliance.

Here’s How to Care for Blue Topaz, One of the Four Gorgeous December Birthstones

Keeping company with tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise as this month’s beautiful gems, blue topaz is a semi-precious gemstone rated an 8 on the Mohs scale of harness. This scratch resistance rating makes it great for everyday wear. However, you should still properly care for your blue topaz necklace and other jewelry which is easy with these simple steps.

Blue Topaz Care Do’s:

  • Do clean your topaz jewelry when it starts to look lackluster. With warm water and topaz-safe cleaner, use a soft cloth or toothbrush to gently clean the gemstone, removing dirt and oil. With a soft lint-free cloth, dry your jewelry after cleaning.
  • Store blue topaz in a cool, dry area inside a velvet-lined jewelry holder. It should be stored away from other jewelry.
  • Wear blue topaz anywhere but with care. Remove jewelry before exercising, doing dishes, and other tasks that may cause damage.
  • Have your topaz (and all other jewelry) regularly inspected. This helps ensure your gemstone stays in excellent shape. If you notice chips, cracks, or other damage, take it in for immediate repair and avoid wearing it until it is restored.

Blue Topaz Care Don’ts:

  • Never sleep in your jewelry. Remove it and put it in your storage container since sleep can be very hard on jewelry.
  • Don’t shower in your blue topaz jewelry. In fact, avoid any activities that expose it to chemicals such as can be found in hair products, cleaning supplies, and other commonly used items.

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