Choosing an engagement ring used to be a cakewalk at one point. The decision-making process usually boiled down to a few color options, and you were good to go. Today, however, things have changed because of the rapidly changing trends that come and go in a heartbeat. Least to say, choosing an engagement ring is a stressful process.

Here are 6 tips on buying an engagement ring in Plantation.

1) It Helps to Start Saving Now

Most people will need to save for a few months to find the perfect engagement ring, so it’s important to plan. This means setting a specific plan to help you reach your savings goal. All the little expenses add up to cover a few months, so think about what you can do to add a bit more to your funds. Sell simpler things that are not needed. If necessary, pick up a temporary job or eat out less.

2) Don’t Care About the Trends

The first rule of thumb when it comes to engagement rings is to not give in to the trends. As mentioned above, trends come and go. The engagement ring is a classic, timeless symbol of your love that is ageless – don’t let outside factors dictate your choice in this regard. Your only factor in the decision-making process is to find something that will work best with your better half.

It helps to observe any articles of jewelry they may already have on their person to gauge his or her style. Are they a yellow or a gold person? Do they opt for minimalism or prefer to wear statement jewelry? Take clues from their current dressing style to pick the piece they will want to wear every day.

3) Size Is Not Important

When it comes to engagement rings, size doesn’t have to dictate the decision-making process, unless you or your fiancé think it’s important. In this case, it helps to consider all your options. If you’re going for size, try placing less emphasis on clarity and color.

4) Learn About the Terminology

It helps to pick on a few basics when it comes to engagement bands in Plantation. For instance, carat refers to the weight of the diamond; this is one area where you’ll be spending most of your budget on. Clarity is a measure of how many flaws a diamond has, these often show up as black little dots on the stone. Color refers to the rarity of the diamond, yellow being the cheapest.

5) Choose the Perfect Metal

The four main options when it comes to engagement rings in Plantation are white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Make sure to opt for a color that best complements your partner’s style. If they tend to wear white gold, choose silver jewelry. If they prefer a rose gold ring, consider something with more color.

6) Look at the Setting

Once you’ve decided the metal, the next step is to figure out what you should put around it. You could go for the simplicity of a solitaire design or the ornate appeal of a vintage engagement ring in Plantation – the key is to find a setting that matches your partner’s personality.