Graham selected an absolutely gorgeous engagement ring from our exclusive “Endless” collection. He then had us put a round brilliant-cut, GIA certified, near colorless, over-one-carat diamond with a perfect cut grade in the center to complete the ring. He picked up the completed ring and, of course, Elena said “YES”. But Graham had ordered the ring in just a bit too large of a finger size. So, he brought it back to us for a (free) resizing.

We promptly accomplished this and Graham came back and picked up the beautiful ring. The plot thickens…

Somehow, on his way home, the ring disappeared. Despite an extensive search, the ring was nowhere to be found. Graham called me, understandably hugely upset. To say that his brand-new fiancé was upset would, of course, be an understatement. But there was a silver lining in this very dark cloud…

When a client buys an engagement ring and center stone from us we buy them a gift – a zero deductible, full-coverage insurance policy from a noted jewelry-specialized insurance company. We were able to remake the ring to a “T” at no cost to Graham whatever. Whew!

Here is Graham re-presenting Elena with her precious ring.

We love happy endings here at Matthew’s Jewelers.