Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. What an exciting time in your life! Now that you’re engaged and planning a wedding, one of the next steps to take is to pick out your wedding bands. There are many options for wedding bands in Sunrise, from a simple solid gold to intricate bands with diamonds or other stones. The key is to find something that suits your personalities, as well as choosing something you will enjoy forever.

Decide if you want your wedding bands in Sunrise to match.

Most partners prefer that their bands match, so they perfectly compliment each other, just like the couple. However, it is not necessary for your band to match your partner’s. If your husband-to-be prefers gold and you platinum, that is just fine. There are no rules about choosing similar metals. And same goes for style. If you want diamonds and your partner wants rubies, go for it.

When shopping for an engagement ring, choose a set.

If you’ve already proposed and only picked out the engagement ring without a band, do not worry! You can still find the right band to compliment the engagement ring and match your band as well. If you haven’t yet proposed, shop wisely. Choose a wedding set that includes both the engagement ring and the band, so your decision is a little easier.

Know your style and your lifestyle before you shop for wedding bands in Sunrise.

To help reduce the amount of time you spend shopping so you can focus on other wedding details, have an idea of what you want before you go to the jewelry store. What precious metal, gems, and widths do you prefer? Also, keep in mind your lifestyle before you buy. If your hands do a lot of hard work, you may want a titanium band to withstand scratches and other concerns related to your job or hobby.

Start shopping as soon as you’re engaged.

As soon as you’ve committed to marriage, start your ring search so you’re sure to find the perfect rings before you say I do. If you want a custom ring design, the sooner you order the better to ensure your ring comes in before the big day. You may also need sizing or want engraving, which can also take time. Prepare to buy your lifetime bands at least a couple months in advance.