Getting a new bracelet is exciting! The only thing that can dull the moment is trying on your new jewelry and realizing the piece does not fit. This handy bracelet sizing guide can help you avoid needing to return a bracelet you didn’t try on in the store! 

Bracelet Sizing Guide: Closed Bracelet

A bracelet that you need to put on over your hand, like a bangle, has different sizing requirements than a cuff bracelet or bracelet that can be fastened around your wrist with a fastener. 

Size a wrist for a bangle by measuring around your hand while it is slightly cupped. Your hand should be shaped as if you are about to put it through a bangle. Use a measuring tape to measure around the widest part of your hand.

In general, the sizes for a closed bracelet are 7.5″ for a women’s small, 8″ for a women’s medium, 8.5″ for a women’s large / men’s small, 9″ for a men’s medium, and 9.5″ for a men’s large. 

Bracelet Sizing Guide: Open Bracelet

This bracelet type only needs to fit over your wrist. 

Relax your wrist and measure the circumference around the part of your wrist where the bracelet will go. Make sure to not measure too tightly. 

Bracelet Spotlights

At Matthews Jewelers, we are proud to offer a number of beautiful bracelets in all sorts of styles.

We offer stunning Lika Behar Pieces. If you want the perfect balance of sterling silver, 24kt gold, and diamonds with a contemporary style, the Stockton gold fusion wavy open bracelet is a great option.  

If chains are more your style, choose the Ti Sento 18kt gold plated rolo chain bracelet. This unique piece offers vintage beauty with a bit of modern flair. 

Get a bit glitzy with the Vahon sterling, gold, diamond, and blue London topaz bracelet. With a gorgeous pop of color, this bracelet is sure to draw the eye.

Find a Perfect Fit for Your Bracelet at Matthews Jewelers!

Whether you are looking for a great bracelet for a loved one or yourself, Matthews Jewelers has many great options. Whatever your style, we will help you find a bracelet that perfectly fits. Please stop in to our Plantation jewelry store today to shop!