There’s so much to love about the amethyst, a unique and varied gemstone that offers a multitude of tones and shapes. When in search of a birthstone or other type of gift for your loved one, or even yourself, consider amethyst jewelry in Fort Lauderdale as a stellar choice.

Why Consider Amethyst Jewelry

This violet variety of quartz offers a pop of color to the wearer, all while having the capabilities of being classy and subtle.

The Ancient Greeks would adorn themselves with amethyst to protect from intoxication, whereas medieval European soldiers wore it in battle as protection, meaning that this could be a good luck piece for the special person in your life.

With a suitable hardness for jewelry and the most prized form of quartz, your amethyst piece can stand the test of time all while making your loved one’s heart swoon. Look for depth of color, such as red, when it flashes for an extra special touch!

The Perfect Gift for February Babies

Amethyst jewelry makes a perfect gift for those not born in February, but even more so for those who were.

Choosing an amethyst piece for the February-born loved one in your life is as beautiful as it is thoughtful. Considered a symbol of royalty in the middle ages, your February baby will certainly feel like it when given a stunning amethyst necklace or ring that’s built to last generations.

There are many reasons to choose amethyst jewelry for the loved ones in your life, from a thoughtful birthstone-oriented gift to a unique, flashy piece.

Seeking High Quality Amethyst Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale? We’ve Got You Covered!

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