Boldly colored rubies are a favorite, and for good reason. Rubies are one of the more durable gems, making them perfect for everyday wear. As a gift for a special someone who likes to stay active, they’re a great choice, too. Here are 5 tips to take care of a ruby ring in Plantation or other ruby jewelry to keep it looking its best.

#1: Keep Your Ruby Ring in Plantation Clean

Your ruby ring is subjected to handwashing, as well as potential lotion applications. Residues build up on the surface, decreasing the shine. Restore your ring’s warm glow by cleaning it regularly with a cleaner recommended by your jeweler.

Go the extra mile by avoiding contact with products and removing your ring when applying lotions or using household cleaners. Get it professionally cleaned by your jeweler for optimal results.

#2: Remove Jewelry when Engaging in Potentially Damaging Activities

Rubies are a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, coming in only slightly less hard than diamonds. So, they’re tough. But like any gem, they could chip if they suffer an impact. Consider removing your ruby ring or other jewelry before playing sports or gardening where chances of impact are greater.

#3: Have Your Ring Regularly Inspected

Lost stones are devastating. Taking your ring to a trusted jeweler for regular inspection helps prevent lost stones. During an inspection your jeweler checks for worn prongs and loose stones. Both issues can lead to lost stones, and if caught early, can be fixed easily.

#4: Properly Store Your Ruby

If you keep your jewelry loose in a pile, consider a better option. Keeping your jewelry separated in a proper jewelry box or other storage that allows separation is your best option. A ruby is hard and could potentially scratch another item. And, a harder stone could potentially scratch a ruby. That’s why it’s important to keep jewelry separated.

#5: Know Your Ruby

Rubies that have been treated by filling are more subject to damage, so be sure to use extra care. Untreated and heat treated rubies tend to be stronger.

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