Worn on the wrist, bracelets are a special piece visible to all and especially the wearer. Bracelets in Fort Lauderdale are the perfect piece to commemorate a special occasion, celebrate a relationship, and catch the eye. 

1. Consider a timeless piece when buying bracelets in Fort Lauderdale.

Classic bracelets make a simple statement each time they are worn. Traditional designs like diamond tennis bracelets, a lovely bangle, or charm bracelet add that touch of sparkle to any outfit. These options never go out of style and will be a piece reached for time and time again.

2. Be bold.

If the jewelry box already contains the classics, a bold bracelet will provide a pop of color or design to accentuate its wearer. Many times they can be worn along with a more traditional design. Eye-catching, they are perfect not only for enhancing the wardrobe but for teachers, presenters, and others who often “speak with their hands.” As they catch the light, they draw the audience’s eyes.

3. Remember, there is beauty in numbers.

Multiple bracelets can be stacked on one wrist. Choose pieces that compliment each other. When shopping for yourself, bring other bracelets along so you can see how they look with the ones you’re considering. Another beautiful way to wear multiple bracelets is to decorate each wrist. Again, pair them in ways that stand out and create the look you want.

4. Design your own bracelets in Fort Lauderdale.

Perhaps you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece created just for you! Matthew’s Jewellers not only has bracelets in Fort Lauderdale but also has a team of designers on staff that can craft a piece using the latest technology to bring your design to life. We work with you to choose just the right elements: metal, gems, and design.

5. Embrace tradition.

Perhaps you have a family heirloom, a gemstone, that you want to re-craft. A bracelet can be the perfect way to incorporate your treasure into a piece you’ll love to wear. The artists at Matthew’s Jewellers will listen to your needs and craft your piece in-house.

For an extensive selection or to create your own custom bracelets in Fort Lauderdale, visit Matthew’s Jewellers. Our experts are ready to help you find the perfect jewellry or design your custom piece.