Finding the right jewelry store for your needs is so easy now that you’ve found Matthew’s! It is so important to find a team of knowledgeable and trustworthy experts when it comes to caring for your most precious treasures, and you’ll find that team here at our Plantation store. Here is why you should shop at Matthew’s Jewelers near Sunrise, FL. 

1. We Have a Knowledgeable Team

Our team prides itself on being highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the jewelry world. We hold many certifications and memberships, and we regularly participate in ongoing professional education. 

2. Matthew’s Jewelers Near Sunrise, FL Offers Beautiful Products

Visit our showroom or website if you want an idea of just how beautiful our range of products is. We have everything from engagement rings to birthstone rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You are sure to find the perfect piece for yourself or for a loved one.

3. Custom Options Are Available

If you want something outside of our jewelry cases, consider a custom design. Our experts can work with you to create a piece that really fits your needs. We can also easily re-set stones into new pieces of jewelry. With 3D printing, we can show you what your piece will look like before placing your order. 

4. We Offer Skilled Repairs and Cleanings

You can feel safe leaving your treasures with us for cleaning and repair work. We are a great resource, whether you need lasting repair or ongoing cleaning care. We perform all repairs and cleaning on site, and our team works hard to provide beautiful results. 

5. Customer Service Is Our Top Priority

We make it our goal to communicate well with every customer that steps through our doors or calls us on the phone. If you have any questions about jewelry or our process, our team will be able to communicate with you. We can also help guide you through determining your jewelry needs if you are not sure what you want. 

Now Is a Great Time to Visit Matthew’s Jewelers Near Sunrise, FL

So, when you want the best care and jewelry options, come to Matthew’s Jewelers near Sunrise, FL. We make it our goal to give every customer a beautiful experience. Give us a call at 954-424-2120 for questions, or stop in to our showroom soon!