Do you have a special life event you want to commemorate or desire to give a unique gift? Or perhaps you’ve got an heirloom stone and you’re looking for a unique setting? There are so many reasons to choose custom jewelry. Nothing else gives you the same satisfaction or sends a loving message like a custom-designed piece. Here are five reasons to design your own custom jewelry in Plantation.

1. It’s Truly You

When you design your own piece of jewelry, it’s unique, and matches your one-of-a-kind style! You’ll get to select each element from the metal to the stones. The design is of your choosing whether you’re looking for something elegant, traditional, or completely avant garde! You’ll love selecting the right colors and shapes to enhance your best features.

2. Custom Jewelry in Plantation Is a Heartfelt Gift

For that special someone in your life, designing a custom piece is the most meaningful jewelry gift you can give. Design a ring or pendant for the person in mind for a sentimental gift they’ll cherish and pass down for generations. It’s sure to be a treasured piece and every time they wear it, they’ll think of you.

3. You Can Work Within Your Budget

As you select from the vast options available, you’ll be able to select stones and metals that meet not only your design needs but the needs of your budget as well. Many shy away from custom designs thinking it’s out of their price range, but all the options mean that it’s completely possible to craft the jewelry of your dreams within your budget.

4. Commemorate a Special Occasion

Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, any special occasion deserves special recognition. Creating a custom necklace, ring, or bracelet allows you to mark the occasion and have a visual reminder of the day. 

5. It’s More Valuable, Because It’s One of A Kind

Unique pieces have not only sentimental value, but the value of the precious metals and stones appreciate over time, so that you’ve created the perfect heirloom piece to pass down to loved ones. 

Design Custom Jewelry in Plantation With Our Master Crafters at Matthew’s Jewelers

Work with the team of designers at Matthew’s to create the stunning piece of artwork that you’ll thrill to wear and treasure for a lifetime. We love working with clients to create gorgeous pieces and be part of their special memories. For custom jewelry, contact us today at 954-424-2120.